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Alan is a stand-up comedian, videographer and writer living in Madison, WI. His works regularly appear in Madison alt-weekly newspaper, Isthmus, including the award-winning political cartoon Off the Square which he co-writes with his friend Jon Lyons. Additionally, he is the father of a new baby who is super adorable and farts a lot.

Host Rob Matsushita is a playwright, author, and filmmaker. You can learn more about his work at IverPictures.com.

Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved. This week, we're back at the Froth House, and we're talking about John Landis' musical comedy "The Blues Brothers," starring the powerhouse comedy team of Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi! Fix the cigarette lighter.

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Ten Minutes About Your Favorite Movie is produced by LittlePodcast.com. WARNING: This podcast is full of spoilers! If you haven't seen the movie in question, and you don't want any of the surprises ruined for you, save this episode, go see the movie, and come back!

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