10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie

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Matthew is an actor based out of New York City. You may have seen him as "A Sailor" in Monumental Mysteries for the Travel Channel, "A Lawyer" in Stepford Wives for Discovery ID, or "That Guy Who Can Be Anything He Wants to Be" in that commercial for MMI that you may have seen if you live in WI, MN, or Northern IL. Matthew lives with his chinchilla Ivy, and is available for parties, impromptu improv jams, and dinner dates as long as you willing to go dutch.

Back off, man, I'm a scientist. This episode, brought to you, from a coffee shop in New York City, we talk about the 80's megahit "Ghostbusters." I LOOKED AT THE TRAP, RAY.

Host Rob Matsushita is a playwright, author, and filmmaker. You can learn more about his work at IverPictures.com.

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WARNING: This podcast is full of spoilers! If you haven't seen the movie in question, and you don't want any of the surprises ruined for you, save this episode, go see the movie, and come back! TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Music #117 (You Can't Dodge a Laser)... www.youtube.com

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