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Terry McLaren is doing back handsprings in her mind and heart to express the joy of doing her third Boogie show. Thanks to the talented and wonderful cast and crew, and especially to Rob for believing she had the chops to do the "Strange Woman" justice. Past credits include Queer Shorts 10 (Alice in Another Damn Bucket List) and several performances as a founding member of BitB. Much love to Leah and their furbabies for putting up with her crazy schedule.

Host Rob Matsushita is a playwright, author, and filmmaker. You can learn more about his work at IverPictures.com.

Well, I saw everyone else lining up, so, uh...I thought you were selling drugs. This week, we're talking with another "Monster Boogie" actor about Alan Parker's wonderful lower-class musical, "The Commitments." And there's these three girls with the band, I've had lustful thoughts about all of them.

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WARNING: This podcast is full of spoilers! If you haven't seen the movie in question, and you don't want any of the surprises ruined for you, save this episode, go see the movie, and come back!

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